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Integrity Governance brings decades of experience and a diverse team of experts to our work with boards, CEOs and owners in the aged care sector. We have worked to ensure that good governance is effective and adds value to businesses that serve a critical sector of our community.

Our commitment and interest in aged care is beyond simply making an impact in a critical sector. John Harte, founder and managing partner of Integrity Governance, is part of a family of healthcare professionals that successfully owned and managed nursing homes and aged care facilities.

SThis affinity and early career experience provide practicality, pragmatism and an insightful approach to the challenges of the aged care sector based on care, affinity and knowledge.  John and the team at Integrity Governance have worked across healthcare from aged care, through the range of primary health care organisations to specialist colleges and major hospital groups.


Our work in aged care has ranged from providing professional advice on strategy, risk at the development stage through to providing advice on mergers, acquisitions and impactful clinical governance.

Some of our work in the aged care sector has included assignments with boards, Chairs and CEOs on strategic planning, board effectiveness assessment and training, CEO succession and implementing the findings of royal commissions.

Good decisions must anticipate the moves of competitors, foresee future trends and actively influence outcomes. Our professionals have deep experience in conducting facilitation across a number of sectors and physical locations. We’ll dig below the surface in order to develop a plan that has been tailored and refined to your specific needs.

Our global governance practice enables us to take a locally relevant, Australian approach which brings the best of we see as leading practices around the world plus the insight of what will and will not work in the unique Australian context. 


Cohesive support to empower Aged Care board effectiveness

A range of corporate governance failures has surfaced following the Royal Commission into the Aged Care sector, resulting in corporate compliance being subject to increased scrutiny. Our methods align risk mitigation with transparent board and committee conduct for a better outcome, and a better future. Our Aged Care governance review team works cohesively with your board, investors, donors and regulators to empower overall board effectiveness.


Custom health sector corporate governance

Good Health Sector governance begins with a legal framework, then works to bring together required documentation, processes, protocols and procedures in a congruous and executable corporate governance framework. We look at what works well, what needs to be redeveloped, re-written, or consigned to the scrap heap.

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The review of the Board and Individual directors conducted by Integrity Governance provided an objective, caring and sensitive opportunity for our board to reflect on our performance and how we continue to develop for the future.
The review conducted by Integrity Governance marked a step change in the way our board operates and in our performance.
Thank you for bringing objectivity and a creative approach to our board review.
Thank you – great process, great outcomes, thank you.

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