The new year’s resolutions chairmen should be making and following in 2021

January 20th
Ensuring the board is an effective decision-making asset is the chairman’s key role. As we enter 2021, good chairmen must consider how they and their board can…
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Nine points for boards to consider as they navigate a COVID-19 world

January 6th
The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed our understanding of the type of business risks faced by boards. The impact of a health crisis that could lead to a…
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What makes a good board director?

June 18th
At the start of 2020, director duties and responsibilities are more onerous than ever. Following reports from the various Australian Royal Commissions over the last two years there…
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What makes a good Board Chair?

May 4th
A good Board Chair understands they are a facilitator to achieve the best outcomes rather than a “commander”.   They listen more than they speak,…
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Culture is an evolution, not a revolution

October 26th
Regulators are taking more interest in board and organisational culture as a result of the Hayne Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry and monitoring indicators of culture is now more important than ever.
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Observations from the Prudential enquiry report into the CBA…

October 17th
Observations from the Prudential enquiry report into the CBA
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Director Induction: Starting out on the right foot

October 16th
A well thought out and carefully structured induction process can help new directors to hit the ground running. It will enable them to make a meaningful contribution to board deliberations from the start of their tenure. The better the induction process the more effective a new director will be.
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