Time for boards to take succession planning seriously for directors, not just the CEO

July 12th
This article first appeared in the Institute of Directors Governance perspective series The appointment of the CEO is probably the most critical decision that a board makes. Given…
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For true diversity boards need to look beyond demographics

July 3rd
For true diversity boards need to look beyond demographics All boards strive to deliver effective decision making that adds value. To achieve this you need the right directors in place.
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Time for family firms to sweat the governance

June 15th
Corporate Governance & Family Firms Family-owned businesses create substantial wealth, employment and opportunity in the communities they operate in. While many have decades, sometimes hundreds of years of successful operating…
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Risk Management: The risk of risk blindness

May 28th
The Risk of Risk blindness The pandemic has exposed the failure of many boards to effectively understand and predict risk. A large number have been blind to the impact of…
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What challenges can boards expect to face in 2021 and how can they overcome them?

May 18th
What challenges will boards face in 2021? This article first appeared in the EconoTimes Despite the vaccine programme being well under way boards…
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At a time of great upheaval how can the CEO be effectively supported by the board?

April 26th
John Harte, the Managing Partner at Integrity Governance, has just been published in the UK’s leading business magazine – Business Matters. John goes on to discuss how during a period…
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The new year’s resolutions chairmen should be making and following in 2021

January 20th
Ensuring the board is an effective decision-making asset is the chairman’s key role. As we enter 2021, good chairmen must consider how they and their board can…
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