Our Approach

Our experts work with organisations of all sizes to deliver the right service at the right time—every time

Our proven methodology

We work in small, dedicated teams to build relationships and trust.

Your Expert Lead guides you throughout the project, start to finish. We only recommend practical solutions based on your unique situation that can make a real difference.

John Harte
Managing Director

Stats & results


Board review questions answered


Directors as previous clients


Directors trained annually

Consistent contact

You will be assigned a single point of contact for the duration of your project. Your Expert Lead will interface between you and the project team to plan, execute and report across all activities. Think of them as your project manager—the person who will be fully accountable for delivering outcomes, and providing the support you need from start to finish.

Full immersion

Your strategic business planning team works inhouse with you to deliver sound establishment of goals, clearly define the parameters for our actions, and qualify the expected outcomes. They’ll execute according to the specific needs of the board, company, and industry. This may include training, mentoring and support to directors, board leaders, board committees, and those who report to boards.

Data-driven corporate governance

Think about yourself, your board and your executive team—how fit are you for the future in terms of your training, strategic decision making, and business goals and objectives? We deep dive into quantifiable evidence to analyse results, define critical issues and areas of concern, and identify opportunities such as CEO training, executive coaching, the Kolbe Natural Strengths Evaluation, or skills assessment.

Strict confidence

We know your information is sensitive and needs to be handled with care. All your intellectual property, and any information provided by you or your personnel, is respected and held in the utmost confidence. You decide the best way to communicate with us, and can set your requirements around privacy protection.

Transparent cost

You’ll receive clear estimates of our costs and we’ll always alert you to you of any additional advisory services charges before they’re incurred. We don’t offer services that could be purchased separately in excess of the fees we earn from board governance consulting. Your Expert Lead is available to talk you through costs at any time.


We’re proud to practice the corporate governance standards we preach. We minimise conflicts of interest by never investing in our client’s companies, and we don’t recruit board members. We don’t provide services outside of board governance consulting; and executive, director and board assessment and evaluation.