Director Reviews

Data-driven director performance overviews for individual directors and the boards they serve

Our expertise

Dedicated to creating high performance directors

When groups of people with the right mix of skills work together, the combined mental energy produces remarkable cooperation. The Kolbe Natural Strengths Evaluation will assess your instinctive way of working to help you enhance  your productivity, enrich your personal relationships and, when assessed in a team context, improve group dynamics.

Our process

New skills to equip you for the year ahead

We resist the natural tendency of many reviewers to focus purely on past performance. Our director assessment focuses instead on unearthing new opportunities to learn new skills, change behaviours, or providing additional time and attention. Some of our specialised areas include director induction, director review, director skills, director training and managing, and directors conflict of interest.

Provide an informed director performance evaluation, and a performance evaluation of board of directors as a whole through the collection and interpretation of data

Set targets and provide ongoing constructive feedback. This supports the development of the individual director (and the board as a whole). Specific focus is given to opportunities to learn new skills, change behaviours, or provide additional time and attention.

Specify and validate strategic and director performance objectives. This empowers the board of directors and its appropriate committees to look to the year ahead.

Our experience with the individual director and board evaluation ensures that we maintain a healthy balance between all three objectives. 

Our goal

Support the director. Empower the board

At Integrity Governance we believe boards have a critical role in adding value to the owners of the businesses they serve. We’re here to help you specify and validate your strategic and performance objectives, ensuring that individual directors, and the board and its appropriate committees, are suitably equipped for a successful year ahead

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The review of the Board and Individual directors conducted by Integrity Governance provided an objective, caring and sensitive opportunity for our board to reflect on our performance and how we continue to develop for the future.
The review conducted by Integrity Governance marked a step change in the way our board operates and in our performance.
Thank you for bringing objectivity and a creative approach to our board review.
Thank you – great process, great outcomes, thank you.

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