Strategic Planning & Future Proofing

Good decisions require clear eyed analysis and the ability to act. Our strategic and succession planning workshops get you to think outside the box and redefine your approach

Our expertise

Tailored, refined strategic planning to meet your goals

Good decisions must anticipate the moves of competitors, foresee future trends and actively influence outcomes. Our professionals have deep experience in conducting facilitation across a number of sectors and physical locations. We’ll dig below the surface in order to develop a plan that has been tailored and refined to your specific needs.

Our process

Effective meetings, processes and strategic business planning

Whether you need help with  family business succession, a corporate succession plan, or with strategic board planning, we work with you to ensure every aspect of the process, preparation and are involvement meets your needs. We act as an impartial and professional facilitator, and serve as a catalyst.


We offer a range of tools and techniques that enable boards, company members, and senior executives to deliver significant results in strategic thinking and strategic board planning


Our approach to board and CEO succession that goes beyond traditional placement and succession planning strategies.


A regular review of the development of talent within the top team. We work closely with the existing CEO, the board and its committees to ensure that development of direct reports and senior management team enables the board to have a strong range of internal candidates.

Our goal

Enhance productivity through a range of proven methods

Your strategic planning, CEO succession, director succession planning, and/or chairman succession is a continuous and enabling process anchored in an ongoing dialogue about the future needs of the organisation. Our planning and succession tools allow your organisation to accomplish better results.

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The review of the Board and Individual directors conducted by Integrity Governance provided an objective, caring and sensitive opportunity for our board to reflect on our performance and how we continue to develop for the future.
The review conducted by Integrity Governance marked a step change in the way our board operates and in our performance.
Thank you for bringing objectivity and a creative approach to our board review.
Thank you – great process, great outcomes, thank you.

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